5th September 2018

How it works

You and your guests can enter the booth and get ready for your shot – then four pictures are taken over 5 seconds.  By the time everyone has left the booth, your prints will be ready! There is a copy for the host and one for the guest.

If you have a request for any props to match a particular theme, please let us know or feel free to provide your own.

Optionally, your guests can leave you a video message which will be provided to the host after the event.

After the event, a full set of prints are provided to the host and all video messages are provided on a USB memory stick.

Please be sure to read our Terms And Conditions before booking.

  • Set-up requires access to 1x 13 amp power source (standard UK plug).
  • All equipment is surge protected and extension leads can be provided if required.
  • Booth dimensions – 2.85M  X 1.5M X 2M  (Width X Depth X Height).

We only use high quality, dedicated photo booth equipment. Some operators will advertise a photo booth but deliver only a camera in front of a backdrop or curtain! We use a custom designed booth which is all self-contained and can be constructed at your venue in around 45 minutes.